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School Choice season is almost here 2014/2015!

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Families should start preparing for Kindergarten (K1 for 4 year old and K2 for 5 year old) a full year in advance of their start date, which is the September before their child turns 4 or 5. For a few families, it may start sooner. Boston Public Schools (BPS) has a number of a very limited number of seats for K0 programs for children who are 3 by September 1. There are 75 Early Learning Centers, Elementary and K-8 schools in the City of Boston. Families can choose from a number of schools that are located close to their homes.

Attend a Countdown to Kindergarten Information Session for answers to all your questions about BPS schools, the registration process and more. Starting in November, Information Sessions provide tips on the transition and kindergarten selection/enrollment process, along with suggested activities to help families prepare for a successful entry into kindergarten.

During School Preview Time (2014/15 dates will be posted in October), the Boston Public Schools invites families to get to know the schools. With more than 75 early learning, elementary and K-8 schools in the City, visiting schools is the best way to decide which ones might be good matches for your child and your family. If you cannot attend a School Preview Time session, call the principal to set up visit. In most cases you will have the opportunity to walk around the school, talk with staff and see classrooms. You may be able to meet school parents or the parent liaison.

Attending the Boston Public Schools Showcase In Our Schools held on November 16  is a great way to visit your available schools all in a day. (see Special Notice below). And be sure to use our School Visit Checklist to keep track of the information you gather on each of the schools you visit!

Your 'Visit & Choose Schools' Checklist

Complete during October to January. The steps you need to take are listed below and all relevant documents and links are indicated in red in the Quick Links box to the right!

  • Visit the Discover BPS to determine which schools are in your Home Base.
  • 'School Preview Time. 
  • All Schools will host School Preview Times on the following dates: ( 2014/15 dates will be available in October
            •         Date                                        Time
  • 'Visiting schools is the best way to decide which ones might be good matches for your child and your family
  • Keep track of the schools you visit by using our 'Visiting Schools Check List'
  • Read Countdown to Kindergarten 'Registration Guides' for complete registration information
  • Check our registration 'Information Sessions' calendar and pick a session to attend to get up-to-date information on the registration process


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School Choice Season!!!!!!!!!

November 2014 – January 2015

This is a great time for families to learn more about our schools before
school registration begins. All our schools will have special opportunities to
visit classrooms, tour the school, and meet the principal and teachers.

School Preview Time
Is for all families considering enrollment in the Boston Public Schools.  During School Preview Time ( SPT), Schools have special visiting hours and activities to introduce families to their offerings.

  • All Schools will host School Preview Times for schedule visit our School Preview Time Calendar ( updates coming in October 2014):

                  Registration Information Session

                  Want to learn more about the Home Base Plan?

                  Join us at one of the following information session in your community. Date available in October

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