Fun-by-the-Month Learning Activities


These monthly activities have been developed by a team of Boston parents, childcare providers and kindergarten teachers to honor your role as your child’s first teacher. Every activity is "kid tested." Most can be done with things already in your home. Each month’s activity includes children’s books about similar topics that you can get at the library to read together.

Besides being fun, these activities introduce four- and five-year olds to the kind of learning skills they’ll be developing further in kindergarten. At this age, children’s skills vary. Also, not every activity will appeal to you. Children should find learning fun and exciting. So, if you try anything suggested here that isn’t fun – simply skip it and try another!

Above are links listed by season with ideas to try each month. Feel free to make up your own as well! One of the simplest things you can do is cuddle up together with a good book or two every day.

Whether you try all or none of these activities, remember that the best way to prepare children for school during the year before kindergarten is to encourage their natural curiosity while making sure that they are safe, healthy and well loved.

All twelve activity ideas are also available as a PDF download for printing or saving for later.

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